The Duram Difference

Meyhen International is the proud distributor of Duram Picking Fingers, the most durable fingers available in the U.S. While many products claim quality, there are a few factors that truly set Duram apart.

  • Rib strength. As the point of contact with the bird, the rib of the finger is under great stress. The Duram design delivers increased rib strength and durability for greater product longevity.
  • Raw material quality. Quality and consistency drives the popularity and performance of Duram fingers—which is made possible thanks to the high quality of the natural rubber and the special formula used by Duram.
  • Mold design. Every Duram finger is produced from an expertly crafted mold and computer-controlled injection machines, and a quality check is performed in a fully equipped, supervised lab. These stringent processes ensure quality in every finger.
  • Quality control. Sample units from every batch of picking fingers are laboratory tested to ensure they meet Duram’s high performance standards using target characteristics, such as hardness, elasticity and finger memory.
  • Diverse options. In addition to the nine different degrees of hardness, Duram offers anti-bacterial fingers that inhibit the growth of Salmonella and minimize cross contamination. Fingers are available in four different colors—black, yellow, red and blue—and will fit all types of automatic defeathering equipment worldwide. Duram also offers hog whips for hair removal.
  • Added value. Consistent, dependable fingers allow customers to minimize downgraded, broken wings and improve yield.
  • Continued innovation. Driven by the belief that there is always room for improvement, Duram focuses on continual research and development to improve the durability and performance of every finger.
  • ISO 9002 approval. Duram fingers meet international standards such as ASTM and DIN, and complies with all FDA requirements.


Exceptional Service for Exceptional Products

Just like Duram is set apart by quality and consistency, Meyhen International delivers the same level of excellence with expert consultation and fast shipping. We always make sure you’re using the ideal finger based on your conditions, and we keep your operation running smoothly with same-day shipping for orders placed before noon, and next-day shipping for orders placed after noon.
Experience the Duram difference with Meyhen International. Find your sales representative or contact Meyhen International directly to place your order.