Duram Develops New Compound for Picking Fingers

70 and 90 hardness colored fingers now use compound shown to improve longevity

Eatontown, NJ—Duram Rubber Products has developed a new compound for their colored 70 and 90 hardness picking fingers. Distributed in the U.S. by Meyhen International, the new compound has been proven to improve longevity and reduce costs.

“Duram picking fingers have continuously delivered the best longevity compared to the competition, and together, we are constantly trying to improve quality and consistency,” said Meyhen International President, Meir Toshav.

Development of the new compound and the consequent laboratory testing was done at the Duram Rubber laboratory in Israel. Once defined quality levels were reached, on-site testing was conducted at three plants that were processing 1.3 million broilers per week. These field tests showed longevity improvements up to 20 percent.

“Picking costs vary widely from plant to plant, so it’s often difficult to define the expected cost savings, except to say significant,” said Toshav.

Since the results were so significant, Duram and Meyhen International have made the new compound standard for the colored 70 and 90 hardness fingers, effective immediately.

“Although the formula cannot be disclosed, some of the ingredients are more expensive than the original formula,” said Toshav. “However, pricing will remain the same.