The DP-52 is a highly durable and stable finger, used for heavy duty jobs in difficult conditions. This finger is suitable for turkey and larger… Read More


A big, round finger with a particularly strong structure for long periods of difficult working conditions. Dalia fits pickers for large poultry, especially Stork pickers. Read More


The Briza is used as a finisher finger, and is suitable for the Prime picker. The special design of the Briza makes it very effective… Read More


The Bella is a longer finger suitable for a broiler over 6 pounds. The Bella can be used on Stork machines. Read More

Duram 302

The Duram 302 is a round finger with a especially gentle touch. This finger does an excellent job in cleaning the bird without causing any… Read More

Duram 301

The Duram 301-60 is known for its longevity, lasting longer than any other finger. It uses a very soft and flexible compound, M-45, suitable for… Read More