The LP features a specially designed profile and ribs with deeper finger penetration that thoroughly cleans birds while retaining more flexibility that is expected from such… Read More

Lori & Sofi

The Lori is a small, round and delicate finger used in quail pickers or pickers for small poultry such as pigeons, partridges and small broilers. Read More


The Lino is a round finger with a special body-design and delicate spirals that work well for particularly gentle jobs or sensitive skin. This finger fits… Read More


The Johnson is used when long fingers are needed and for difficult jobs with large poultry, such as large broilers and turkey. This finger is… Read More

Easy Change System

The newest addition to the defeathering market. The Duram Janet picking finger combined with the patented Easy Change System and Mattco Hub leads to safer… Read More


The Gina finger is a round and gentle finger profile with a special rib design for outstanding picking capacity. The Gina fits Stork and Meyn pickers,… Read More