The Gainesville is a flat, strong finger that is durable and efficient. The flat shape provides excellent skin contact while remaining flexible to prevent skin… Read More


Design to meet the requests of integrators, the Gaia fits Stork and Meyn pickers and can be used for large broilers and small turkeys. It… Read More


The Duroty is an oval-shaped finger designed for long term durability and picking performance. This finger is available in black or yellow and soft, medium… Read More


The DP-52 is a highly durable and stable finger, used for heavy duty jobs in difficult conditions. This finger is suitable for turkey and larger… Read More


A big, round finger with a particularly strong structure for long periods of difficult working conditions. Dalia fits pickers for large poultry, especially Stork pickers. Read More


The Briza is used as a finisher finger, and is suitable for the Prime picker. The special design of the Briza makes it very effective… Read More