The Sandra is a slat and strong finger with good durability. Its thick neck and special body design deliver outstanding results in paw cleaning machines… Read More


The Nava is a flat, long finger with ribs on both sides. Its long body enables good penetration for larger birds. It is available in… Read More


The Lino is a┬áround finger with a special body-design and delicate spirals that work well for particularly gentle jobs or sensitive skin. This finger fits… Read More


The KOP is a semi-oval shaped finger with reinforced head for durability. Good for “yellow birds” and delicate jobs, the KOP fits Stork and Meyn… Read More


The Johnson is used when long fingers are needed and for difficult jobs with large poultry, such as large broilers and turkey. This finger is… Read More


Design to meet the requests of integrators, the Gaia fits Stork and Meyn pickers and can be used for large broilers and small turkeys. It… Read More

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